red photo. A series of light bulbs for, the shape of an arrow pointing right. A series of red lightbulbs are placed on the ceiling as well.

Bibi Cavalcante

Bibi is a Brazilian/Portuguese actress, singer, composer and music producer. She has an amazing background in music and drama but has always had a special connection to education and teaching. She has studied acting in INDAC, São Paulo and worked as drama teacher in three different schools (Red Balloon Drama Group, Shakehands Performing Arts School and Beit Yaakov). Since she was always composing music for her theatre group, she decided to improve her skills and got a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition at FAAM, São Paulo. Her main projects includes theatre, musical theatre, short films, TV commercials and some dubbing work. As a versatile artist she brings a unique perspective in her teaching style to help students come out of their shell and learn through art. She has been teaching Acting & improv courses for Act Attack in Lisbon, since 2022.