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Ellie & Elana
(also our former students!)

Ellie Spyropoulou

Ellie is a professional dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer. After completing her studies in classical dance and obtaining a certification from Vaganova Dance Academy, she decided to explore and continue her dance studies in a variety of dance styles and cultures, such as hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical jazz, Latin Ballroom and street Latin dances. Her long lasting working, performing and teaching experience allow her to develop a unique holistic approach of how dance as an art can be at the same time the mean and the goal of expression and creation. A large part of her projects concerns the dance dramatization of films and books, thus emphasizing even more in the interpretive dimension. Ellie has been teaching Dance Attack courses for Act Attack in Barcelona, since 2022.

Elana Shyong

Elana is an applied theatre facilitator, teacher trainer, and drama teacher. She is Taiwanese-American and grew up internationally, an upbringing that led her to discover that for her, theatre is less about performing on stage and more about the transformation it can make within people and within spaces. She obtained her bachelors and masters respectively in acting and drama from University of London institutions and currently sits on the board of the International Students Theatre Association. Since then she has worked with people from all over the world, from Taipei to New York City, working to unlock their creative potential in a dynamic and truly fun way. Elana has been teaching Dance Attack courses for Act Attack in Barcelona, since 2022.