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Act Attack goes…BUSINESS

            We organize English-speaking fun team building activities for your business in Barcelona!

 Improve Collaboration | Boost Creativity | Have Fun

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  • Actors practicing. A group of people wearing black, except for one man with glasses wearing a white shirt, have their arms lifted in a 90 degree angle with their wrist also in a 90 degree angle. Background: Grey brick wall

Bring your team closer while having fun!

Our fun team building activities in Barcelona are all about helping your team members to be more self-confident, think out of the box and collaborate amazingly well. We believe that nothing helps build relationships like laughter, that is why our activities are brilliant fun. Participants do not need any previous experience. Our teachers are very experienced and can adapt to the specific needs of your team. They know how to create a humorous and friendly space where it is almost impossible not to get caught up in.

 Tailored for you

We can arrange fun building activities according to the specific needs of your team. According to your goals, we can, for example, focus more on creativity than public speaking and/or group dynamics. We can help you arrange venues, or come to venues. We are also flexible enough to adapt to the size of your team and your schedule.  In order to achieve the best results, we advise to have 4  or more workshops of 2 hours. However, that’s up to you. Prices depend on the number of workshops, participants and teachers required and do not include the cost of the location, as these vary greatly depending on your specific needs.

We have already gained experience by organizing fun team building activities for companies like Akzonobel, Salesforce, IamExpat & Boston Consulting Group. Whether your team needs to work on communication, creative problem solving or just needs to get together and do something fun, contact us!

Key takeaways 

  • Become a great speaker and listener: Your team members will be involved in playful exercises that help them being confident about expressing themselves and fully present when listening the ideas of colleagues. 
  • Step in the shoes of the Other: Our team building  activities comprise fun games that will help your team members better understand each other’s ideas and bring out the best from everybody.
  • Be Creative: We help your team members to tap into their creative, alive self, while building on, and exploring, ideas of others.
  • Engagement: We can help your team to boost confidence and presentation skills. And as well, how to behave in order to be more responsive to a fast-changing environment.
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Are you interested?

Great! Contact us and we will help you shape the best fun team building business activities for your team.