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Hi, We’re Act Attack

Join our Theater and Acting courses in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and now also Lisbon!

Learn to Act & Express yourself | Learn to InterAct with others | Have Fun

  • Acting Class Beginners English, group photo
  • Acting Class Act Attack
  • Act Attack group photo. Some people dressed in carnival or halloween costumes
  • Act Attack group photo
  • Photo from the show "The Skin of our Teeth". A group of people pose for the picture. Most of them wear black. At the back, there is a black curtain
  • Photo from the rehearsal of the show "the magic school". A group of people pose for the picture. Most of them wear a white shirt and tie
  • A group of people poses for the picture. Behind them there is a black banner with red letters and a library.
  • Group photo in a white room. Eight people are standing, two kneel in front o them.

Act Attack is the new English-speaking Theater School in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Lisbon

It all started in summer 2017, when “the shy actor” came up with the idea of gathering like-minded people to share his love and devotion for Theater with. A few years passed and Act Attack became an international theater community with many talented amateur actors and experienced teachers who are passionate about what they do, inspire each other and work as a team! And we are still growing…


Our previous plays

What makes us different?

Our primary goal is to help everyone become a better person through theater. Established in 2018, Act Attack is more than a theater group – we are a family! By joining us, you are entering a lively, vibrant and dynamic multicultural group.

During our theater and acting courses, you learn more than just this. You learn the value of teamwork and what it’s like to be part of a real team of cool and friendly people who share the same passion as you, on and off the stage! More than this, you will:

  • Improve your Expression & Improvisation skills (we love Improv!)
  • Develop your Theater Acting skills
  • Raise your Confidence & your Public Speaking skills
  • Learn to deeply Connect & InterAct with others
  • Practice your English language skills
  • International Environment
  • Low prices & no hidden costs
  • We accept people of all ages, all colors & all experience levels
  • Part of the revenues are used for good causes
Improv class. Three people are standing.A man and a woman move their arms laughing. The third man looks at them.
Photo from a class. A group of people are scattered around the room, with their hands in the air
From the improv and physical class. A group of people do an exercise. Some are sitting, some kneeling, some standing, everybody is moving their arms differently.
Improv Class Act Attack, group exercise. The team is divided into couples. People move their hands.

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